System Integration That Makes a difference

In 1994 Soft E.D.I.T was founded in New Jersey, United States, and later moved to Dubai in 1994. During this period Soft E.D.I.T became actively involved in the Broadcast Industry, undertaking turnkey jobs with the Government and private Companies across the entire Middle East. The experience gained throughout the entire Middle East has enabled us to grow in Strength to be a front runner in the Broadcast Industry in the entire region.Soft E.D.I.T as an Agent of many leading Broadcast Companies, have closely worked with most TV Stations and satellite channels in the Middle East placing their products in all studios and giving them all technical support whenever needed. We are also involved in training their staff in using state of art computer based technologies.

Either  it's a TV station, music video channel, newsroom or a post production studio...we've done it all.With more than 26 years of experience in the broadcast industry and developed an international relationship   with most of  the major Manufactruerers . SOFT E.D.I.T has considerable resources to perform turnkey jobs on any level, that's what makes us one of the leading system integrator's in the middle east. to serve government and private Companies across the region.  And for reference of our projects please contact us.